ProStar®+ is a driver's truck. A more productive truck. The most efficient and innovative Class 8 truck on the road. How did we achieve this? By talking to fleet managers and drivers like you about the challenges you face and the features you need. After all, you're the ones who turn our trucks into your home offices, the ones who depend on us every day. The way we see it, setting the pace in the truck industry is all about working together. Whatever your business, a fully integrated, fully capable truck and engine is a must. With a range of powerful engines to choose from, ProStar®+ delivers just that, plus maximized productivity. Day after day. Year after year. Mile after mile. With the goal of keeping your business running at its best.

As one of the most popular partnerships in trucking, Cummins X15 and ProStar+ are teaming up again to deliver the kind of performance and action that ProStar+ customers have come to expect from the most efficient and innovative Class 8 truck on the road.

From exceptional fuel economy to a broad horsepower range, Cummins X15 allows you to customize your ProStar+ to fit the specific needs of your fleet, and with the heavy-duty power of the Cummins X15, there's no load too big or incline too great for your business.

It's a partnership that proves yet again that the ProStar+ not only sets the industry standard, but it also continually strives to exceed it. That's our drive. Our drive to deliver.

Thanks in part to vigorous testing procedures and Navistar's seamless collaboration with Cummins, the ProStar+ and Cummins X15 will prove to deliver the same quality, performance and reliability your business has come to expect. Take a closer look at this proven combination in action as they put it to the test in Navistar's recent video.