Eighteen wheels and a load of attitude.  It's the hottest grille at any truck stop, drawing double-takes as easily as it rolls down open highways. It drives like a long-haul dream. It's good for your company's image, and bad to the bone. It's the International LoneStar - the truck for drivers who take their jobs as seriously as they take their freedom.
Here, there and everywhere, LoneStar is loaded with smart features that are all about optimizing your uptime and getting the most out of your investment as the miles and the years roll on.
  • Driver controls and instrumentation are based on robust industry standard SAE J1939 electrical architecture, with a new cluster and switches designed to keep drivers focused and maximize uptime.
  • Steering wheel control labels are laser-etched instead of painted for maximum readability and durability.
  • Cab wiring includes all-new harnessing and an all-new in-cab power distribution module that's protected from the elements.
  • A standard 5 Amp USB port is conveniently positioned to plug in your favorite infotainment, with options for additional USB ports.

There's a good reason why those chiseled lines look so familiar. International has been making hard-working trucks for hard-working drivers since 1907. LoneStar pays homage to that legacy with bold design, originating with the legendary International D-series in 1939. You can see the shared bloodlines in the long swooping hood, gracefully curved fenders, and most of all, in the proud V-shaped grille. It's style like this that puts LoneStar in a class by itself.