International RH Series

The International RH Series is built to redefine the rules for productivity in local and regional haul applications. It's designed based on the feedback of hundreds of hard-working drivers as part of our DriverFirst™ philosophy, with a tight turning radius and the superior visibility needed to maneuver in tight spaces. It features a new, ergonomically advanced interior and instrument panel to enhance driver productivity and control. The RH Series is powered by the International A26, a 12.4L engine designed to deliver optimal uptime as well as class-leading fuel efficiency, reduced weight and quiet operation. The RH Series from International - the truck you need when you need optimal maneuverability for your deliveries, and optimal productivity for your business.
The RH™ Series was designed with safety and visibility in mind. By reshaping our doors and repositioning our cab mirrors, we've improved the driver's field of view, reducing vision-related accidents. Forward visibility is among the industry best at as little as 21 feet.

With a wheel cut of 50 degrees and a curb turning radius of 27 feet 10 inches, the RH is made to provide optimal maneuverability.