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International PayStar

PayStar® combines unmatched strength with unequalled durability to meet any challenge you can throw at it. On-or off-highway, no job is above its pay grade. Wherever you find trucks being called upon to perform above and beyond the call of duty, you'll find a PayStar leading the way. Harsh conditions and challenging locations are familiar terrain for this truck. From heavy hauling, to construction dumping, to severe weather plowing, PayStar is built to finish strong. These days, your business needs a truck that can be counted on day-in and day-out to deliver the results you demand. And we're confident when we say that with a PayStar on your side, when the rubber hits the road, it's the road that will give in.

PayStar® makes its living in places the weak fear to think about, let alone tread. Oil fields, construction sites and rock quarries call for a special breed. Rugged, purpose-built and proud, PayStar takes a head-on approach to the most demanding work. From horsepower, torque and payload capacity, to frame-rail construction, you've got what it takes to keep running strong.

PayStar® comes standard with Huck-bolted chassis components, providing incredible durability and strength. Huck bolts will not loosen or need to be re-torqued, so you won't be shaken up by anything you run up against.


Severe service means powering through the toughest conditions on Earth. That kind of work needs a truck as comfortable as it is commanding. And with the International® PayStar®, you get the comfort features you need in extreme environments.
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