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International LoneStar

Sometimes operating at your best means standing out from the crowd. The LoneStar® has classic good looks inspired by International® trucks of days gone by. But LoneStar is more than just eye-candy. It boasts the quietest cab in its class and at 89" wide, it's also one of the roomiest. A 50-degree wheel cut and roll stability control allow you to maneuver the LoneStar in and out of traffic with ease. And the styled grille and hood aren't just for looks. Thanks to a big reduction of noise and vibration, plus proprietary air-cushioned front and rear suspensions, your ride has never been smoother. They're more aerodynamic too, making LoneStar more fuel-efficient than long-nose conventional trucks. It's a truck that looks as good on your bottom line as it does on the road.

The interior suite of the LoneStar® enables drivers to own the road in comfort while working, living or resting. The front cab is ergonomically advanced for ease of driving and the rear cab looks like an apartment, yet works like an office. The LoneStar was designed to truly be a home away from home for drivers.

The International® LoneStar® embodies the convergence of classic styling with superior aerodynamic design. The result is a unique truck that delivers real-world economic advantages for today's driving professionals.

With fuel prices at an all-time high, LoneStar® had to provide superior aerodynamics to enhance fuel economy. LoneStar makes the most of every drop of diesel with its styled hood and grille, large bumper, D-shaped cans and skirts. In the end, that puts more money in drivers' pockets.

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